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MOTD: For the past 8 months this site was just that redirected to a carrd domain, that has finally changed and we're back to having a normal URL!

As of May 2nd 2023, the stixc blog has been put under due to lack of posts, and because after a year or so of using it, blogging isn't really my thing. If I want to make long as hell posts, it either be a Twitter thread or a Twitlonger or something. The blog may return under a different service (previously used Blogger) but for now it's done for. Sorry.RIP the stixc blog
Nov. 2021 - May 2023

My name is Charles, otherwise known by my internet handle, stixc

I am 21 years old and I come from Memphis, TN, USA. I am currently working on my pet project CyberAnima, a FPS game inspired by games of the late 90s/early 2000s, mainly Half-Life. I also used to make dubstep music as Digiwire, nowadays I rarely do music and sound design. I also draw and sometimes do graphic design too. I also like computers and technology I guess. Personally, I suffer from various mental illnesses (high functioning autism, ADHD, anxiety, etc), and as a result I prefer to live a private life than an extroverted life.

I make stuff!



In Development

CyberAnima is a FPS game inspired by Half-Life, SiN, Killer7, and early 2000s aesthetics, style and graphics. The game is currently in slow development using Godot.


July 2017

This was some joke visual novel game I made at some game dev camp at my local university around summer 2017. It contains lots of copyrighted stuff, as the whole purpose of this game was just for me to learn RenPy.Download has been removed due to how awfully outdated this is, and also due to copyrighted assets.


May 2017

This was some random FPS game I was making in Scratch in the 10th grade alongside another student in my programming class. The game was inspired by System Shock and maybe Doom, and it never got completed for obvious reasons. The reason this counts as a project compared to any other Scratch project I made was because I had high ambitions for this, but it never made it past this prototype.Download has been removed because why the hell would a small & useless as hell Scratch game be compiled to a 100MB game? (since TurboWarp does this)



Retired Dubstep Project

I used to make dumb dubstep music for almost a decade under the alias Digiwire till retiring around March 2021. You can listen to my old Digiwire stuff on it's SoundCloud, but there is also an archive full of unreleased Digiwire material as well.

Other Stuff

For random stuff & music that isn't related to all of those, I have a personal SoundCloud as well, alongside a Bandcamp for paid music.


Flatzone Maximus

Quake Map

My first and only Quake map, made for the Quake Brutalist Jam. This was made within 10 days or so, for a 2.5 week jam, and albeit it has some quirks. And in my defense, this is my first and only map and I did it for funsies rather than any other reason and I'm fine with that! This map also has it's own custom music as well, which you can listen to on my SoundCloud here.


A simple relaxing noise player I made due to mental issues

This is a simple app I made in Godot because I suffer from auditory sensory issues and I live in an area with bad acoustics, so I made this to keep myself sane, since all other apps are just low quality YouTube "loops" that fade out and have microtransactions. This one is free and open-source.


I made a single BONELAB mod just for shiggles. I don't know if I'll make more, considering Unity isn't my cup of tea.


I also make art but I lack a portfolio, since my art just includes stupid stickfigure doodles and various album art/graphic design work, but art is something I do and is something I am pushing alongside game development.



If you want to contact me, I have:


My Discord tag is stixc#5931 if you want to DM me.


If you want to email me something business related or don't want to use my Twitter or Discord, my contact email is